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One of the River Region’s most respected IT companies, Information Transport Solutions (ITS) is playing a key role in Montgomery’s burgeoning tech sector, as President Quincy Minor explained.

WHEN WAS ITS FOUNDED? ITS was founded in 1993 and incorporated as ITS in 1998.

WHAT ARE ITS PRIMARY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES? We are an IT solutions company. ITS provides services and products for wired and wireless networks, voice over IP, compute and storage platforms, disaster recovery solutions, engineering services, cabling services, network monitoring and much more.

WHO ARE ITS’ MAIN CLIENTS? ITS is a diverse company servicing many markets. Our roots are in K-12 education, but we are on track to see half of our revenue come from state and local government, higher education and commercial customers.


WHAT SETS ITS APART FROM SIMILAR COMPANIES? ITS is truly a customer service company. We have not changed and do not plan on changing our mission statement: “Customer service is our passion. Technology with integrity is our mission.” Combine this with a heavy focus on engineering, and some of the best engineers in the industry, and ITS is different from our competitors. Many of our customers have been with ITS for more than a decade.

WHAT IS ITS’ “SECRET TO SUCCESS”? When your customer is happy and sees value in your service, they will continue to do business with you. ITS’ secret to success is to provide 100-percent customer satisfaction; they get what they pay for.

IS ITS GROWING? We are, and we attribute this growth to diversification into other verticals. We are also expanding our business further into Florida and Georgia.

WHAT IS ON THE HORIZON FOR ITS? Expansion of our solutions like WiFi-enabled school buses, small cell wireless solutions and expanded hosted solutions for wireless, voice, storage and compute. ITS is also interested in economic and community development. We believe technology is an equalizer. This assumes the infrastructure is in place to support these interests. ITS will continue to find ways to expand network offerings in Alabama and assist with projects like the Montgomery Internet Exchange.


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