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Caching Content Can Cut Down on Internet Bandwidth Usage

By Steve Meany, CEO

Large businesses, government agencies, and universities need reliable networks that can meet their rigorous demands. Unfortunately, these demands often produce slow Internet load times, creating a poor user experience and slashing efficiency across the board. While many organizations assume that increasing their bandwidth is the best way to deal with this problem, choosing to implement an Internet caching service is often a less expensive, more efficient and a simpler option.

The Downside of Bandwidth Increase
While increasing bandwidth may be effective in improving load times and streamlining user experience, it’s one of the most expensive solutions available. For a large university, business or local government, it’s not unreasonable to expect to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to increase bandwidth alone. This is cost-prohibitive for many organizations and, as a result, companies and universities are searching for a better option.

The Benefits of Internet Caching Services
To improve efficiency and streamline in-office communications, Internet caching services are a fantastic tool. Unlike a bandwidth increase, which just allows the server to enlist “help” when it comes to finding and assembling information and delivering it to users, Internet caching services work by sitting between an external server and your employees.

When an employee visits a Web page, the caching server saves a copy of all of the pages visited on that site. This way, the next time the employee returns to the same website, the caching simply delivers the pre-saved information instead of starting from scratch. In other words, caching servers prevent the server from having to find and assemble the same information over and over. Because of this, internet caching services run at a fraction of the cost of bandwidth increases and allow large organizations to access and retrieve Web pages quickly and easily.

The Case for Caching Services
In today’s fast-paced economy, large organizations need efficient Internet connections that are able to quickly deliver results for employees and customers alike. Unfortunately, many organizations are struggling with overloaded servers and budgets that prevent them from finding functional solutions. While bandwidth increase is effective, it’s also so expensive that many organizations simply can’t afford it.

At ITS, we are bridging the divide by offering managed caching services through our partnership with Akamai. Akamai operates a network of caching servers throughout the world in order to bring lightning-fast performance to its customers. Several months ago, we partnered with Akamai to bring a new caching server to the Montgomery (Alabama) Internet Exchange. This new server is already helping businesses and local governments across the southeast improve their network efficiency while reducing costs.

By choosing Internet caching services over bandwidth increase, it’s easy to improve your connection, decrease wait times, and reduce cost across the board. This, in turn, helps you provide a better experience for your employees and improves efficiency within your organization.

If you are part of a school, government or business in the Southeast that’s looking to reduce network costs and improve performance and efficiency, contact ITS to learn more about our new caching server brand, Akamai, in Alabama.

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