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Local Governments: Telecom Tech Changes Fast. Go Managed.

By: Steve Meany, CEO

Telecommunication systems change quickly. For local governments to be as efficient as possible, it’s vital to keep up with technological innovations. Add this to the mounting pressures for accessibility and user friendliness, and the technology that was supposed to make things easier starts to seem like a burden to both your time and your budget.

One of the fastest growing tech burdens for local governments is owned VoIP systems. Expensive at the outset and rapidly becoming outdated, these systems become a major capital and recurring expense. An owned VoIP system for a local government can soak up precious funds due to costly repairs and updates, an uphill battle riddled with fiscal waste. Add in the constant hardware and software changes to handsets and system updates, and this once shining example of restraint and thrift turns into a money pit.

With high upfront and ongoing maintenance and repair costs plaguing these systems, it is simply not worth the hassle for local governments to own their VoIP system. Fortunately, there is a better way of doing things.

Managed VoIP for local governments isn’t just simpler, it’s smarter. Unlike an owned VoIP, managed VoIP for local governments replaces the upfront expense with a predictable monthly rate.

Before doing the math, this type of arrangement may seem more wasteful. However, when you consider the ongoing maintenance costs associated with owned VoIP, plus the cost of replacing the whole system every few years, managed VoIP is far and away the most efficient telecommunication choice.

Moreover, with managed VoIP for local governments, the provider (a company like ITS) is responsible for the costs and updates. Not only does this reduce expenses, it relieves stress. Gone are the days of worrying about the next major repair or update. Local governments are instead given access to the most up-to-date technology available, with no hidden costs to break the budget.

We all want government to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and a simple step to achieving that goal is trading in an owned VoIP system for a managed solution. Avoid the worries and upfront costs associated with traditional owned VoIP systems. Step into a cost-efficient, cutting-edge world, where budgets are balanced and everything is up to date

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